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Aug 04, 2016 - New Videos on "Andhra Mahabharatham" are loaded in website. Please visit video section

Jun 03, 2016 - Pravachanam on Maha Bharatam is beling telecast daily on E-Tv at 8 am

Jun 03, 2016 - 'Sri Mad Mahabharatam ' pravachanam by Pujya Guruvulu from 23-May 2016 ( this is without an end date as of now..) at Sri Ayyappa Swamy Devalayam, Near Bhanugudi Junction, Kakinada

Apr 17, 2016 - New Discourses Added April-2016: Meenakshi Pancharatnamulu, Alayadarsanam, Aditya Hrudayamu, Puja Vidhi, Sankarabharanam. Link - .

Jun 10, 2013 - Meenakshi Pancharatnamulu, Alayadarsanam, Aditya Hrudayamu, Puja Vidhi, Sankarabharanam.

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Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Rao an eminent pravachana chakravarthi, born to punya dampathulu late sri Chaganti Sundara Siva Rao garu and late smt Suseelamma. He married Smt.Subramanyeswary and blessed with two children Shanmukhacharan and chy. Sow Nagasrivalli and both have done their engineering . Presently he is working in Food Corporation of India, Kakinada. A silent reader of puranams and blessed with Saraswathi kataksham and started giving pravachanams on puranams extempore and proven his spectacular command on spiritual pravachanams on various purnanams and mythologies like Srimad Ramayanam, Srimad Bhagavatham Soundaryalahari, Lalithasahasranama strotram etc.,

Brahmasri Koteswara Rao garu has delivered discourses for 42 days continuously at Kakinada on sampoorna ramayanam during 2005, Sreemad Bhagavatham for 42 days during 2006, Sivamahapuranam for 30 days during 2007 and Sree Lalitha Sahasranama Stothram for about 45 days during 2008 . In addition he gave numerous pravachanams on various topics throughout the country.

He mesmerizes the audience with well refined reciting and thought provoking citations from various puranams extempore.

Brahmasri Koteswara Rao is a gifted personality with sarada kataksham who ensures of great spiritual anandam to all the audience.

He has been felicitated with citations like "UPANYASA CHAKRAVARTHI", "SARADA JNANA PUTRA"...etc

A group of his admirers started this web site to enable his valuable lectures to reach all the enthusiasists who like to know about our culture and tradition and all can freely make use of this site and we are grateful to them for a line of their response.


చాగంటి దంపతులు

We wish to offer you the best spiritual amruta pravachanamulu with the blessings of Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Rao gari punya dampathulu. You may feel free to contact us for any further service.
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SriChaganti.Net Team