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With the blessings of Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Rao garu, we have started an insignificant effort (when compared to his speeches) to enable all our telugu families to be able to read and understand some of the important poems and slokams recited by our pujya guru during his discourses.
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We hope you find these poems useful and please let us know of any mistakes, so that we will take appropriate actions. If your time permits, we would love to get you engaged in this effort, to expand the poems/slokams we have on our web site. You can write the poems and send it to us by clicking here.

Note: With all the right intentions, we have collected the meanings of several poems/slokams from several sources including on-line digital libraries, books and Internet. If you or anyone has any copyright issues, please do let us know, we will remove or change the content immediately.

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