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How to Download All Files?

The easiest way to download all the MP3s/any documents on any given page using just few clicks is to use Mozilla Firefox browser and DownThemAll plug-in. The following is the detailed instructions on how to install Mozilla Firefox browser, DownThemAll plug-in, and steps to download the MP3 files.

Note: The instructions you see below needs to be done only once. You need not have to follow these directions everytime you want to download files. THIS IS ONE TIME SET UP INSTRUCTIONS ONLY. You only need to do Step # 10,11 going forward after you follow the steps below once.


Step # 1: Click on the above image to go to Mozilla Firefox site to download the Firefox Browser. It will open up a new window and will take you to the Mozilla web site. You need to disable Pop-up blocker or temporarily allow the Popup Blocker to open up popup windows from this site.

Step # 2: Once you click on the download link on the web site, you should see the above prompt. Click on the "Save" button to save it to a folder.

Step # 3: Here you specify the folder location to save the installation file. It will take a couple of minutes (depends on your internet speed) to download the installation/setup file.

Step # 4: Once it downloads the installation file, you will see the above prompt. Click on "Run" button to install Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step # 5: If you are running Windows Vista operating System, it will ask you whether you really want to install the software. Just click on "Continue", and then you will see the above prompt, click on "Next >" to continue.

Step # 6: Click on "Next >" button until you reach end of installation, and once it installed the software, you will see the above prompt.

Step # 7: Once it launches the Mozilla Firefox software, go to "Tools" menu and select "Add-ons" menu item as specified above.

Step # 8: It will bring up the above prompt, and type "DownThemAll" as specified in the picture and hit "Enter Key". That should list "DownThemAll" software and click on "Add to Firefox.."

Step # 9: wait for about 3 to 5 seconds, and click on "Install Now" button. It will take 5 to 10 seconds depends on your internet speed, and after the installation of the add-on, it will prompt you to restart the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step # 10: Go to the page, where you want to download the files, and just right click, you should see "DownThemAll!..." in the menu. If you don't see the menu entry, restart the browser and try again.

Step # 11: After clicking "DownThemAll!..." menu item, it will prompt the above dialog box, where you make sure the "Audio (mp3, wav...)" is selected, and enter or browse where you want to save the discourses, and click on "Start!" button to download all the MP3s listed on the page.

You may remove the downloaded Mozilla Firefox browser installation file from your machine once everything is setup and ready. If you have any questions, or a better way to download the MP3 files, please click here to contact us. We will be happy to help you out or incorporate your feedback. Enjoy downloading all the files ;)

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