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Title Aranya Kanda
Location Guntur
Year 2009
Total Audio Duration 1 day(s), 0 hour(s), 34 minute(s)
Total File(s) Size 1362.97 MB, or 1.33 GB
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Part 1 of 1102:26:55138,942 KB
Part 2 of 1102:20:09132,593 KB
Part 3 of 1102:22:50135,108 KB
Part 4 of 1102:36:33147,967 KB
Part 5 of 1102:03:55117,367 KB
Part 6 of 1102:04:07117,564 KB
Part 7 of 1101:50:45105,031 KB
Part 8 of 1101:59:01112,772 KB
Part 9 of 1102:29:19141,185 KB
Part 10 of 1102:21:18133,674 KB
Part 11 of 1101:59:46113,475 KB
The total Sampoorna Sri Ramayanam is compressed into 47 parts, where Aranya Kanda is only 11 parts. Rest of them can be viewed here.

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